Thursday, November 16, 2006

Best Blogs for new writers...

I’ve been watching with interest the nominations for ‘Top 10 Blogs For Writers’ that has been going on at Michael Stelzners blog Writing White Papers. It got me thinking and I thought I would put together my own list of ‘top blogs for writers’, especially for new writers. It goes something like this.

1. Ask Allison - this blog written by Allison Winn Scotch is in question and answer form and has provided me with a vast amount of information about the business of writing. As a new writer, this is invaluable.

2. Renegade Writer’s Blog - I loved Diane and Linda‘s book, so was pleased to discover that they have a blog that follows on from where the book left off. With interviews, ideas, and suggestions, it too is providing me with the help I need to get my freelance career of the ground.

3. Freelance Writing Jobs - Deborah Ng’s blog is awesome. The amount of work that she puts into it everyday must be tremendous. It is my homepage and I check it religiously every day. I haven’t yet got any jobs out of it. But I’m sure that will change.

4. Ink thinker - Kristen King provides entertaining and useful posts about the business of writing. It’s easy to read, entertaining, and informative.

5. A Writer's Blog - I stop here every day to see what Karen has to say. She doesn’t provide job leads or Q&A, but it’s nice to stop by and see what another writer is thinking as she pursues a writing career.

I’m leaving it at 5 blogs cause there just isn’t enough time in the day to read everything out there in the blogosphere.

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Kristen King said...

Thanks so much for the recognition! I'll definitely be linking back to this post--there are some great resources here.


Anonymous said...

I thank you as well -- you've made me blush!

Linda said...

Thank you! I'm glad you find the Renegade Writer blog helpful.

Deborah Ng said...

Thanks so much. I hope you find something soon! I'm honored to be among such wonderful company

- Deb

Nova Rose said...

Thanks for the tips. I am a new author who just published a novel, Legends Lost Amborese. It is the first in a trilogy. Learn more about it here:

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