Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Life is make sure every day counts.

Today was going to be a day sitting in front of the computer, writing query letters and working on a couple of articles. But I got a phone call from a friend who told me that she had been reading the paper, and by chance had glanced at the obituaries, only to discover an old friend of ours had died. Neither of us had seen Julia in years, which is not surprising , as we had all gone our separate ways as we grew. Over the years, people come and go from your life and friendships will grow and fade. But memories remain and so it seemed right that we go to her funeral and say we remember. Julia had become a wife and mother since last we meet. But sitting there, the picture I saw was of when we were all very young, single, and living in the city. Good memories and good times should be celebrated.

It brought home to me that you should not just dream your dreams, you need to get up and follow your dreams. Life is too short to just think about it….

On a brighter note, I just turned on CNN and discovered that a death of another sort is occurring - the Republicans appear to be losing control….wonder what that will mean for the future of American politics….

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