Wednesday, November 01, 2006

To resume or not

Read an interesting post today to A Writer’s Blog about the need to have a writer’s resume. And more importantly, what to put in it. It’s not something that’s written about in most freelance writing books. All the books I’ve read lately seem to focus primarily on the how’s and why’s of query letters.

Earlier this year I tried to put together a writer’s resume to send off for a possible freelance writing position. It was fairly short and focused only on my writing related experience. I guess it was too short because I never heard back from them. Anyway, the headings I used were:
- Education
- Articles I have written
- Publications my articles have been published in
- Web content I have created
- My web sites
- Contact information

Since then, I have come across a couple of good articles on creating a writer's resume: Creating a Writer’s Resume by Moira Allen and A Writer’s Resume by Kim Issacs. One of these days, I will put their ideas into practice.

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