Saturday, December 09, 2006

Finding 'Dickens in America'...

I spent the morning playing couch potato, flicking through the channels, looking for something interesting to watch. At 8 am on a Saturday morning, I didn’t expect much, so imagine my surprise when I came across the BBC documentary series ‘Dickens in America’. I never knew that Charles Dickens had travelled, let alone made it all the way across the seas to America. But travel he did, spending 6 months on a 19th century road trip through the United States. He even published a book, American Notes, about his adventures.

The TV series, hosted by English actress Miriam Margoyles, a self proclaimed Dickens fanatic, is great. This week focused on Boston, Dickens favorite American city. He wrote ‘Boston is as I’d like the whole of America to be’. Sounds like a place worth visiting.

I must see if I can get a copy of American Notes from the local library. If not, I can always download a copy at Project Gutenberg or read it online at The Free Library or Bibliomania.

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