Thursday, January 18, 2007

5 Top Posts of the Week for Writers...

1..How to Market your blog in 2007 - this is worth visiting more than once.

2.. Add life to your blog with photographs - for those of us who like pictures.

3. Afraid of Networking? - why it pays to be brave.

4. If You Have a Non-Fiction Project - what the editor wants to know about you.

5.Use Your ‘Forgettry’ - why we should practice forgetting what we know.

Plus one extra :

The Stickiness Aptitude Test (SAT) and Ten Questions with Chip and Dan Heath - great interview with the authors of the book ‘Made to Stick’

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Julie said...

Thanks, Liz. There's some great stuff here for me. I'm totally with you on developing a platform and a specialty, by the way. I want to be a food writer, but I also like to incorporate nutrition and travel pieces under that umbrella.

I have been wondering if the Enger book is worth buying. Does it really have a lot of solid advice that hasn't been written everywhere else? Do you think it's useful for a beginning freelancer?


Hi Julie,

It's hard to say where someone should buy a book or not. Have you checked down at the local bookshops to see if they have it - then you could flick through it and decide for yourself.

I decided to buy a number of books on writing simply because I could't find them here in New Zealand - and I have found all of the ones I choose very useful - and probably there is a lot of repetition in some of the books but that just reinforces things.

If you haven't already, you should read Renegade Writer for a different angle on things. Liz

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