Sunday, January 28, 2007

Healthy snacking gives you energy...

You’re trying to beat the deadline, your body says sleep, and your mind is starting to wander… what can you do?

According to the experts, there are ways of re-energizing. Drink plenty of fluids (especially water), take a nap, take a walk, and snack…

Now ‘snack’ is a word I like.. But my idea of snacking - potato chips and chocolate - isn’t quite what they have in mind. Here’s a list from WebMD Daily of balanced snacks recommended to help energize you:

Apples with peanut butter
Hummus (or other low-fat dip) and vegetables
String cheese (or any kind of low-fat cheese) and whole-grain crackers
100-calorie packs of popcorn, crackers, or simple cookies
Sugar-free cocoa with an added splash of skim milk
Rice cakes with nut butter
Low-fat yogurt and fruit
Hard-boiled egg and a glass of juice
Glass of skim milk and graham crackers
Fruit smoothie
Low-sugar granola or cereal bar
Mini whole-wheat bagel and soft cheese
Trail mix of dried fruit and nuts

Look’s like I’ll have to head out to the grocery store…

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Simon said...

That's some good stuff! I hate that deadline-meeting mode when you're so hungry but know you shouldn't eat at 1am!


that's usually when the chocolate comes out - after, it's not really it? Liz

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