Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Tuesday Question...

From now on, every Tuesday, I’m going to post a question about writing.

The idea - to have a conversation and share information amongst ourselves.

Question: What do you take to a writer’s conference? You’re going there to network and maybe even impress an editor or two. So what do you need to take with you to market yourself?

Let’s talk…add a comment, help answer the question or even expand the question...

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Okay, I'll start. I've never been to a writers conference but have two I'm considering this year. I want to take some sort of info pack with me to give to editors I want to work for. Is that a realistic idea? How much info do I give? I'm thinking at least a resume and business card. Or should you go all out and create a CD with your clips on it? What do you think? Liz

Sheila Scarborough said...

I'm also going to my first writers' conference this year, but its primary focus is people seeking to pitch their books to agents. I don't have a book (yet) and don't need an agent, but the event is right in my hometown and is sponsored by my state's Writers' League so it seems like a good idea to go.

My plan is to take a bunch of my business cards and 2-3 photocopies of my best clips. That way a prospective client for my freelance writing services won't have to boot up a CD or go find my clips on my Web site.

Mostly I'm looking forward to the camaraderie of a large gathering of fellow writers.

I've already gotten advice and some possible job leads from the communications and freelance groups that I attend monthly. It's a lot easier to schmooze and exchange ideas with people you see all the time than trying to seriously work a big conference room.

There's a blogging conference in Chicago that I also plan to attend this summer, and for that I'll take more cards and clips, but with a focus on my best blog posts.

Thanks for the question! Sheila


hi sheila,
thanks for the comments. I wondered if creating a CD would be a bit of overkill. Photocopies of clips sounds better. Must look into business cards.

The two conferences you're going to sound great, especially the blogging on. Do you have a URL - others might be interested. Cheers, Liz

Sheila Scarborough said...

Sure, it's the BlogHer annual conference for women who blog.

The page about all of their events is here, and includes info on the BlogHer Business conference in New York City March 22-23 2007, plus a little about the Chicago one that I'm attending in July.

Hope to see some of you there. Sheila


Sheila, thanks for that information. It sounds great but timings wrong for me but others might be interested so will post it tomorrow. Liz

Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Liz
Interesting question. I wrote an article - "Getting the Most Out of a Writers' Conference" some time ago which may be of interest.

I have been rethinking this as I am attending a freelance journalism conference soon.

Networking and meeting other writers is for me often just as interesting and valuable as the conference itself. I will definitely be taking business cards.

If there is a pitch session with editors, I would take copies of the double sided sheet mentioned in my article.



Hi Yvonne,
thanks for the link. I will go and have a look at your article. Liz

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