Monday, February 19, 2007

My do list...

With so many things to do, I thought I’d better make a ‘to do’ list:

- post on this blog every day

- paint the bathroom (have to get it done before more wet weather arrives)

- update and add a couple of posts to my other blog - Travel New Zealand

- work four shifts at the hospital

- write up two posts for Vagablond

- find out who won the ‘Where’s Wendy?’ contest at The Perrin Post (I answered 2 questions spot on but the other three were wild guesses - the Carribbean is not my beat)

- start writing a commissioned article for a print magazine (been stalling for some reason)

- send out at least 2 query letters (am way behind on my quota)

- exercise (am in training for the annual City to Surf, a 12 km fun run/walk)

- sleep ????

Okay, that all looks way to tiring.

I need a break.

I'm off to Borders...

But I’ll be back later today. I’ve got a truly inspiring interview lined up with author Glenda Watson Hyatt, author of I’ll Do It Myself…

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Harmony said...

You have a busy week ahead of you! I am still sitting at 2 queries, I am going to get on that tonight (sleep? - who needs sleep?!)


Yeh, too much too do, too little time. Who needs sleep?????

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