Sunday, February 25, 2007

Office Space...

Is your home office a corner of your living room or bedroom ? Or are you looking to find room for a home office ?

Then maybe a garden office is for you…

i-scape manufactures and sells purpose-built garden offices. provides an easy-to-assemble free-standing office for your backyard.

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Alex said...

You might also be interested in my blog at which lists all the UK suppliers of garden offices in the UK (and some in the US) and also takes a daily look at homeworking and shedworking. I also publish a free bimonthly pdf magazine called The Shed for people who work in sheds or shedlike atmospheres. Let me know if you'd like to see a copy.


Hi Alex, thanks for stopping by. I noticed in my research that that UK seems to be the biggest supplier of garden offices. Am not in the market for one myself but will check out your site...Liz

Laura said...

Oh my goodness! My husband talks about putting his office in a shed in the backyard all the time. I can't believe they actually have these. I'll have to show this to him, he won't believe it.


Hi Laura, if I didn't already have a study with a great view of the garden, I could be tempted by a garden office...except I think they may cost an arm and a leg...Cheers, Liz

Anonymous said...

There is a real explosion of interest in working from garden offices in the UK. When we first started in business around 5 years ago there were about 8 companies in our sector, now there are around 45!

Many of our own clients have taken to working from home either in a self-employed capacity or with encouragement from their employers.
The introduction of 2mb+ broadband in the UK has opened out new options for working from home, something we think is likely to continue alongside advancing technology to create a real/virtual work enviroment at home.

The majority of our clients have realised that they are now free to complete almost all the tasks they would in a traditional office but from a garden office at home.

We have designed garden offices for IT consultants, music and radio producers, architects and academics, musicians, remixers, television editors and web designers. It's a real cross section of careers and age groups which seems to suggest that this is a movement across all business and not just one sector.

Strolling down the garden to work beats tackling the mosh pit that is the public transport system in the UK!


Hi Jonathan, I noticed from an internet search that the garden office seems to be 'biggest' in England. Hasn't taken off in US as much and don't even think it's arrived in New Zealand at all. Seems like a neat way of creating an office, especially if you've got a colorful garden to enjoy.

Cheers, Liz

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