Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Tuesday Question ???

You know, I couldn’t think of a writing related question today. My mind just went blank. So if anyone else has a writing related question they want answered, email me at kiwi writer at xtra dot co dot nz and I’ll post it next week.

Meanwhile, let’s talk food. To be exact, food blogs. These are wonderful places to visit, with their mouth watering pictures and recipes. I’ve even considered creating my own food blog. But with my cooking skills, it would have to be called something like ‘Burnt Offerings’.

The Tuesday Question: What’s your favorite ‘food blog’ and why?

Let’s Talk…

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Chocolate and Zucchini
Why ? Possibly because it was the first food blog I discover. Because it uses one of my favorite words - chocolate. Because it covers all sorts of food. Because the recipes are interesting to read, even though I don' understand half the words she uses.
Cheers, Liz

Sheila at Family Travel said...

Well, it isn't really a blog although the Chowhound section does work that way, but CHOW is an online food magazine that's lots of fun. Articles about the most obscure cooking stuff, and I don't even like to cook!

Anonymous said...

I like http://fireinmykitchen.blogspot.com/.

Why? Just get to know Ted, you'll learn why!


Julie said...

Your food isn't "burnt," it's "blackened!" Since I write a food blog, I read tons of them and have way too many on my feed reader. Current faves include:
Cookie Madness
Culinary Concoctions by Peabody
and Jumbo Empanadas

A Mingling of Tastes


Aren't food blogs great. I never realized how many were out there til I started looking. Too many blogs, not enough time. Cheers, Liz

Shanna Thompson said...

A new one but a good one: http://traceystaste.blogspot.com. Enjoy!


Will check it out. Thanks, Liz

M. said...

Tigers and Strawberries.

Barbara Fisher has professional training and her recipes are quite frankly often too time-consuming for my schedule (given that I can't do the techniques in my sleep), but they're inspiring and I've picked up a lot of useful basic stuff from her, like why you always use whole-milk yogurt for curries (it doesn't curdle).


M, love the site, love the name. thanks for sharing. Liz

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