Thursday, February 01, 2007

Weekly 5 Top Blog Posts for Writers…

1. Writer’s Block: Unblanking the Blank Screen - help for anyone looking for the words to start with.

2. To Boast your potential, try saying ‘Yes’ more often
- you have more chance of editors saying yes if you’re open to opportunities and say yes to possibilities.

3. My Vote on Article Directories - the how’s and why’s of using article directories for new writers

4. 23 Ideas for Finding New Readers for Your Blog - the post might be aimed at bloggers but there are a lot of good points for here for any writer looking to promote themselves to magazine editors.

5. Harvard Business Review on Top Ideas for 2007 - another list of trends and ideas that might trigger off potential article ideas to send out to editors.

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writerinmaking said...

Thanks for the link Liz.
I like the article on saying yes more. It can apply to many aspects of my life, paticularly parenting an almost 5 year old!



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