Thursday, February 15, 2007

Weekly 5 Top Blog Posts for Writers…

1. 5 Tips for bloggers for hire - for anyone wanting to be a hired hand

2. A Dozen Ways to Get Your Career Started As a Freelance Children’s Writer - for anyone who wants to write for children

3. How to Conquer Writer’s Book - The Ultimate Guide - great resource on articles dealing with writer’s block

4. The Two Essential Components of Phenomenal Success - two things you need for successs

5. 7 Ways to Tap into Enthusiasm - ways to find out whether you are into the story idea

Plus an interview with a travel writer…In Travel Writing, Even Vacation Is Work

I’ve finally started updating my links list (in no particular order). Check it out. There might be some names there you don’t recognize. This list is only the tip of the iceberg though. My RSS feed list is so very long….to much to read, too little time.

Think I’ll go for a walk down the beach instead…

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writerinmaking said...

I love this feature of your blog Liz. This week the 5 tips for bloggers for hire really speaks to me (the tip about only blogging for a share of the marketing money). I think it might be time for me to jump ship before I do anymore posts for free (at least ones that aren't for my own blog).

Yvonne Russell said...

Know exactly what you mean about the links, Liz.

I've been doing the same on my site... so many great blogs and sites to list, I need more space.

I ended up categorising them which is a help, I think, but then I keep finding more :)



the Bloggers for hire article was very informative and made me think about what I'm really looking for in a 'paid' blogging position. And the tip about the non-compete clause was something I hadn't even thought of.

Heather, good luck with the whatever decision you make about your paid blogging position.

Yvonne, I'm still learning about how to do things like categorize on the blog. But I do keep all the links list in separate word file for easy reference for me.

Cheers, Liz

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