Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Alternative Travvies Awards....

I hadn’t realized it until the British newspaper, The Guardian Unlimited, pointed it out. But all the winners of the first ever Travvies Awards were American based travel blogs.

But that’s okay. Anyone wanting their travel blogs to have a more international outlook now have the Guardians’ Best of the Net 'Alternative Travvies Awards’. Their chosen travel blogs come from all corners of the world - including America.

The ‘Best of the Net’ goes to:

Best Travel Blog - TravelPod
Best Destination Blog - Metroblogging Berlin
Best Practical Blog - Family Travel (way to go Sheila)
Best Single Author Blog - Tony Wheeler’s Blog
Best Group Written Blog - Wandalust
Best Photography on a Blog - TokyoShoes

Looks like I’ve got yet another group of blogs to add to my RSS feed…

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The Global Traveller said...

Thanks for pointing me to some more neat travel blogs.

Sheila at Family Travel said...

Hi Liz, Thanks for the link.

Yes, that was quite a pleasant surprise for me and the Family Travel blog (even the flat tire later in the day couldn't, um, puncture my delight!)



Hi Sheila. Some days it's hard to be deflated, no matter what. I see that Wendy at The Perrin Post gave us both a link the other day - it's all good...

Global Traveler, thanks for landing here and leaving a comment. I love new travel sites, don't you?

Cheers, Liz

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