Sunday, March 18, 2007

Travel Writing Workshops this summer...

Got some time,a bit of money, and a desire to travel. Want to learn more about travel writing?. Then these workshops might be just the thing for you this summer…Sure wish I could go, but not going to happen…(this year)

Travel, Food, and Wine Writing Class
May 27 - June 1, 2007, in St. Emilion, France

You’re based in the historic French town of St. Emilion, surrounded by vineyards and fine restaurants. There is the opportunity for behind-the-scenes tours and interviews. The catch - you have to take a six day travel writing course. Sounds like a pretty good catch to me. Led by Nicholas O’Connell, writer and founder of Seattle based The Writer’s Workshop, this class provides expert instruction on how to break into the travel, food, and writing niche. Cost $2400 (with accommodation).

Paris Writing Workshop
July 2-27, 2007

Imagine living in Paris for a month, drinking French wine, exploring one of the most beautiful cities, and learning how to become a better travel writer. It can be done - just sign up for the Creative Non-fiction workshop led by Rolf Potts. With one-on-one guidance, you’re guaranteed to walk away with a portfolio of at least one article ready for publication. Cost: $3,800 (with accommodation).

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