Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Tuesday Question???

They say that music can enhance creativity. All I know is that I write better when the music’s playing. And when I’m really stuck for words, I put on Mozart. Somehow that seems to relax the brain and pull out the words. What about you?

The Tuesday Question: What’s your background noise? Does music help or hinder ? Any particular music help the word blocks?

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Simon said...

You're right that music helps the brain work better. In August last year I linked to an interview about that subject:


Sometimes I enjoy the sheer variety of music I get from putting my playlist on "shuffle"; other times I need to think in words and so need instrumental music - classical (Beethoven's great; Bach and Mozart are supposed to be especially good for the brain) or film soundtracks (the Matrix soundtrack is great when you're on a deadline!)


Hi Simon, Your post Noise Gives You Brainwork Out was interesting. Think I've got a way to go before I'm energized by any noise other than music..

By the way, was pleased with your article 'Blaze Your Blog' in the recent Ideolog magazine. You made me look good and I really liked being listed with the likes of Problogger and Gawker.

One little thing - I live in Christchurch, not Tauranga (hear it's nice there, but I've never been)

Cheers, Liz

Simon said...

Thanks Liz,

Oops! Sorry, I don't know where the Tauranga thing came from. My apologies.

(And Christchurch is lovely, though I've only been there once)


Hi Simon, yeah I think Christchurch is great...so much so, I'm in the process of developing a Christchurch blog featuring my photos and words...

Cheers, Liz

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