Monday, April 30, 2007

Monthly Roundup....(April)

Can't believe it's the end of April and time for another monthly roundup for 'My Year of Getting Published'.

I've been very slow in sending out any query letters this month, in fact only sent out 3. And two of them were related to paid blogging positions (one for a travel blog and the other for a green blogger). Still waiting to here on these...

The only actual query letter that I sent out for an article idea was sent just yesterday so haven't had any feedback yet.

But just in case you may be thinking that I've been slacking off, here's what I have been doing...

Drinking lots of coffee (just kidding!)

Eating lots of chocolate (again, just kidding!!!)

Taking lots of plane rides (not kidding). I came back from the Australian Freelance Writers Conference at the beginning of the month. Two weeks later I was up in the air flying to Wellington for a family birthday. And in two days, I will be flying off to Auckland for the NZ Freelance Conference....

Posted over 20 posts at Alzheimer's Notes.

Got my Christchurch Tour Guide blog up and running and added 15 posts.

Finished a writing contract for a new internet site.

Completed a print article I have been procrastinating over.

Got invited to become an expert on NZ for - not sure what that actually entails...

Participated in two writer's carnivals at The Writer's Block and at Writerly Types

Oh, and posted here daily...

No wonder the house and garden look like they have been neglected...they have!!!

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Sheila at Family Travel said...

I'm in the same boat; have been so busy with work already assigned, have not gotten around to asking for more!

That's one of the tough things about freelance writing -- you have to be pitching for future work even when you're up to your ears in current deadlines. If you don't, you'll look up six months from now and the well will be dry.

Terah said...


My well is dry. I pitched so hard in February and March I received more assignments than I knew what to do with. And they were all due in April, which means I didn't have time to send out queries. Now, I only have a few assignments for May.

I learned my lesson. I'll be crying in June when the rent is due.



Sounds like a catch-22 to me.

I know that the odds of getting a majority of query letters accepted is slim, but what if they do...

Guess that's why I've been focusing on getting some paid blogging gigs so that I can get a small regular income that would allow me to drop a day at work which would allow me to write more. Then I'd have more time to send out query letters...maybe.

Meanwhile, just clicked the send button on an article an editor was interested in so have my fingers (and toes) crossed.

Cheers, Liz

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