Friday, May 18, 2007

Join the Travel Rants blog-a-thon…

Here’s a challenge - write a 350 word travel article, post it on your blog and then submit it to Travel Rants Blog a Thon.

The Rules:

- the post must be no longer that 350 words
- the post must be useful for travellers and travel consumers
- the post must be unique
- you can include links to over travel sites (but not your own)

Deadline: midday (GMT) 31 May 2007

Enter by emailing your blog post (and URL) to

Favorite blog post chosen by the judges wins 200 pounds of Amazon vouchers (think of the travel and writing books you could buy) donated by
Second place - 2 Lonely Planet Guides
Third place - 2 Strider Expedition T-shirts

Are you up for the challenge?

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alicia said...

Off to check them out!


Good luck. Will be giving this one a go as good practice in writing short just have to come up with interesting topic...

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