Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Interview with a Travel Writer...

I've been a bit slack lately with chasing up candidates for the 'Interview with a Travel Writer' series. As a result, there is no interview to post. So I thought I'd list all the interviews that have been done over the past few months just in case you missed some.

Barbara Sjoholm
Mike Gerrard
Heather Hapeta
Thomas Swick
Leif Pettersen
Rolf Potts
Ian Mackenzie
Sheila Scarborough
Graham Reid
Candy Harrington
Terah Shelton
Rudy Maxa
Shannon Hurst Lane
Wendy Perrin
David Whitley

I'll start looking for new interview candidates tomorrow...

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Julie said...

I've been traveling in Asia for the past month, and I just spent some time reading all the blog entries I missed on your site. I opened so many of the links you gave, and have worked my way through most of them. Loved the Thomas Swick article. Your trip sounds fantastic, and I think you should listen to what your travel agent has to say, then do what you want. When I was away, it was so hard to remember to travel like a writer, especially since I just wanted to have fun with my husband. I should have done more work, but I've still got some good story ideas to pursue. I'm sure you'll do a better job than me! Thanks for all the great blogging, as always!


Hi Julie, welcome back. I'll be heading over to your blog to hear about your travel and food experiences. You should read the post Pitching is a Bitch which talks about a travel food magazine that might be worth sending you story ideas to.

I'm really looking forward to my trip to Spain and New York. Especially keen on trying out the Spanish wines and tapas.


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