Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Zimmers show a new twist to ‘My Generation’…

Looking for inspiration ?

Then check out The Zimmers, a group of pensioners with a combined age of over 3000 who are heading up the British music charts. The youngest band member is 64. The oldest is 99. They live in old people’s homes and rely on carers to look after them. They are often overlooked by the younger generations.

And they are singing the old Pete Townsend song ‘My Generation’.

Their You Tube video has been seen by over 2.9 million and over 100 million people in more than 50 countries have seen clips of the band on television.

Here’s five thing we can learn from The Zimmers

- it’s never too late to try something new
- it pays to be courageous
- always think outside the box
- don’t take no for an answer
- when you dream, dream big

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alicia said...

It bothers me that older people are so often overlooked. It makes me afraid I, too, will one day be forgotten. :(


I know what you mean...which makes this video so gets peoples attention.

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