Sunday, August 12, 2007

What’s hot in travel blogs…

IgoUgo, a online travel community, has listed the ‘Ten Travel Blogs [They] Love.’

They are:

1. World Hum
2. Different Directions
3. The Window Seat
4. Gridskipper
5. Brave New Traveler
6. Where the Hell Is Matt?
7. Intelligent Travel
8. The Lost Girls
9. Rick Steves: Blog Gone Europe
10. The Cool Hunter

I thought I’d add to it with ‘Six more travel blogs I love’ - travel blogs that provide me with information, insight, and inspiration to travel.

1. Gadling
2. Family Travel
3. This Just In
4. The Perrin Post
5. Vagablogging
6. Upgrade: Travel Better

What’s your list???

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