Sunday, October 28, 2007

Opportunities for Travel Writers…

None of these will make you rich or even pay the electricity bill. But if, like me, you’re just starting out and looking for exposure and some income, these online opportunities are worth checking out:

Brave New Traveler offers $20 for original articles that focus on spiritual and environmental travel issues, travel news, tips, reviews and interviews.

Matador has a Bounty Board that lists available assignments that pay anywhere from $20 to $100. They have also looking for interesting ‘Top 10’ travel lists for their new blog, The Traveler’s Notebook.

Traveling Stories Magazine (TMS) is running a Travel Writing Contest. The deadline is November 15th and the prize is $125 to the winner. But all entries will also be considered for publication in the hardcopy of TMS scheduled for January 2008.

Transitions Abroad is also running a series of Travel Writing Contests with a first prize of $500, second $150, third $100, and runner up $50 plus publication.

Know of any other contests or writing travel writing opportunities out in cyberspace ?

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