Friday, November 02, 2007

Top 5 Weekly Blog Posts for Writers...

1. Busting Your Writing Rut

2. 9 Things I Learned About Travel Writing At Book Passage

3. How to Stick to Your Goals When Life Disrupts ‘Em

4. How-To Price Freelance Projects Successfully

5. Useful Links for Freelance Writers

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What a Trip said...

How did you find the many resources you post on this blog? For example, the "9 Things I Learned About Travel Writing at Book Passage." Do you have a Google Alert searching for "Travel Writing" or is it that you subscribe to the RSS feed for Brave New Traveler?

Thank you for any information on this topic.


Hi Nancy, the answer to your question is yes and yes. I have way too many google alerts attacking my mail box and I lost count a long time ago as to how many RSS feeds I subscribe too...


PS don't forget to vote on the new name for this blog

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