Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Top Travel Blogs and Websites 2007...

It’s the season of list and here’s what’s available regarding travel websites and travel blogs.

The 7 most influential travel bloggers of 2007

* Mark Ashley at Upgrade: Travel Better

* Paul Brady at Jaunted

* Arthur Frommer at Frommers

* Holly Hegeman at Plane Buzz

* Wendy Perrin at The Perrin Post

* Ben Popken at Consumerist

* Rick Seaney at Rickseaney.com

Best Travel Websites 2007 from Travel-Rants, on the other hand, has a list of Best Travel Websites presented in award form. The categories include travel community, travel in the media, travel inspiration, holiday/hotel reviews, travel search, and Best of the Web.

Other travel blog lists worth checking out include…

Top of the blogs from Benji Lanyado at Guardian Unlimited.

Top 10 Big Media Travel Blogs from Igugo.

50 Best Travel Websites of 2007 from Times Online.

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