Monday, November 19, 2007

Travel Writing Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars 2008...

Thinking of going to a travel writing conference, workshop, or seminar next year ? Then check out this partial list of what’s available when…


15 - 17 January - Travel Writing Workshop at Puerto Escondido, Mexico. A hands-on three day travel writing workshop conducted by travel writer Michelle Peterson.

25 - 27 January - SATW Institute for Travel Writing & Photography in Orlando, Florida.

25-27 January - Heritage House 2008 Travel Writing Workshop at Key West, Florida. Led by Robert Haru Fisher, former editor of the Fodor Travel Guides, this workshop is limited to 15 participants.


1-3 February - another Heritage House 2008 Travel Writing Workshop

25 - 28 February - Traveler to Travel Writer: A Writing Workshop at San Miguel, Mexico. Conducted by bestselling travel writer Gina Hyams, this two-day workshop will explore the practicalities of the freelance travel writing process.


14 - 24 April - Writing in Italy with Don George & Book Passage at Albisano, Italy. This 10 day workshop includes directed writing assignments and close critiques by award winning travel writer Don George.

17 -20 April - Travel Classics Europe 2008 Writers Conference at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. A conference that you have to audition for, so to speak, with only 35 qualified writers accepted.


15 - 20 June - Travel, Food & Wine Writing Class at St. Emilion, France. Run by The Writer’s Workshop, this six day intensive travel writing class aims to provide the essential techniques of travel, food, and wine writing.


2 - 20 July - Paris Writing Workshop. Travel writer Rolf Potts is one of the instructors at the Paris Amerian Academy with a workshop focusing on nonfiction storytelling.

24-26 July - The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop at San Francisco, California.


14 - 17 August Book Passages Travel Writers & Photographers Conference at Corte Marda, California features some of the top travel writers .


30 Oct - 2 November another Travel Classics Writer Conference this time in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Have I missed any…

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ITI said...

Be sure to check out - You can seubmit a request for a FAM or PRESS Trip on that page for most of the popular travel destinations. Youc an find it in the menue under: Travel Agents/Tour Operators


iti, thanks for the tip. will look into it. sounds interesting.



JA Huber said...

I've attended the SATW workshop and the Heritage House with Robert Haru Fisher. Both great workshops and I still keep in touch with some of the writers. Networking's great along with content and wisdom from the instructors.


Hi ja,

good to hear feedback about the conferences listed. must admit they all sound good and the networking is the best part of it... just wish that they would hold them a little closer to my home in New Zealand or even in Australia.

Are you going to any writing conferences or workshops this coming year?

thanks for stopping by and sharing.



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