Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weekly Top 5 Blog Posts for Writers

1. Platform Development 101: A Winning Attitude

2. 5 Steps Away from Overwhelmed

3. Are You Writing with Clarity?

4. Find Your Own Way

5. The Importance of Socializing for Freelancers

Plus two:

5 Signs you’ve Made It As A Freelance Writer

The Power of the Pre-Write

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ellen weber said...

Many thanks for the honor of finding my 2-bits in such a fine line-up! Great site and it's fun to meet another circle of fine writers with so many of the same aspirations!


Hi Ellen, thanks for stopping by. You're post '5 Steps from Overwhelmed' struck a cord with me this month...too much going on - new job, family staying, writing commitments, absolutely no time just to enjoyed reading about what to do...

cheers, liz

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