Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Healthbolt.net has New Bloggers.

Well, the contracts all signed and sealed so I can now spill the beans on my new paid blogging position.

I'll be co-blogging over at Healthbolt.net.

I'm really excited about this as not only does it pay but it also means quite a lot of exposure for my writing.

Seems that when it comes to writing about travel or about health, health is winning. Guess that old saying 'write about what you know' is true.

But that doesn't mean that I'll be giving up on travel writing - that is still my dream. It just means that I'll be able to afford more travel...

Come on over to Healthbolt and say hi. You might even find you quite like it there. It's not your run of the mile health site, sprouting forth on how to stay healthy. It's more about discussing unique health related topics.

And it's fun - just check out my recent post "Nine Christmas Gifts for the Hypochondriac in Your Life."

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