Saturday, December 08, 2007

Travel Blog of the Week.... Nerd's Eye View

Last month I interviewed Pam for the ‘Interview with a Travel Writer’ series. At the time, Pam was off to Hawaii to do research for a guidebook about...Hawaii.

Since then I’ve been avidly reading her blog Nerd’s Eye View and following her trip around the Hawaiian Islands, vicariously living the life of travel writer through her writings.

Anyone considering the life of travel writer should read this blog. Apparently researching a guidebook is not all a bed of roses. Not even if the place you’re researching is Hawaii. For example…

‘Yesterday I sat down and scribbled the most absurd email ever. I had to cancel our reservation for a (free) 3.5 hour back country by 4WD tour of the waterfalls of the Kohala Coast. I felt, as you might imagine, like a complete idiot, even though there’s a perfectly logical reason for the cancellation. It’s this: I don’t have enough time.’ (Tropical Frustration)

You can read all Pam’s posts about Hawaii by clicking on the Aloha Oy in the Categories section.

Posts I’d highly recommend:

Playing for the house - about the fine line on comps and freebies

For Travel Writers: Seven Lessons from the Road

For Travel Writers: Seven Successes from the Road

But it’s not only about travel. It’s also about food (Fish Wednesday),
Ukulele’s, and Seattle .

Nerd’s Eye View is definitely worth a visit…especially on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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