Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Travel articles that caught my eye...

I spend what my family and friends consider ‘way too much time’ reading articles on the internet. I have an excuse though - it’s all market research…

How else, I ask, will I get my travel articles accepted if I don’t know what they are looking for, if I don’t have a good grasp of the travel topics that are popular and if I don’t pay attention to the advertising that is part and parcel of newspapers and magazines. After all, the key to freelance success is to know your market.

So, to prove that it really is market research, I’ve decided to post a weekly column about travel articles that caught my eye…

New York Times

Any article that has the words ‘road trip’ will immediately catch my attention. And if it’s located in the American southwest, then I’m hooked. An Arizona Road Trip on the Edge of America by Keith Mulvhill simply made me want to hightail it back to the states and hop into a car and re-visit the Arizona desert.

Or I could just stay in New Zealand and go winery hopping. I’ve done a lot of that in New Zealand’s South Island. But North Island Coast of Small Wineries and Big Pleasures by Debra A Klein has made me think that I need over to the North Island one day and check out the boutique wineries and cafes in the far north.

The Baltimore Sun

It’s a long way from New Zealand to Europe. Actually, it’s a long from New Zealand to anywhere. So it’s great to have a few interesting places to stopover en route. And let’s face it, Dubai is interesting. Dubai: The new Gold Coast by Toni Salama tells us why.

Chicago Tribune

People watching (and food) are great ways to spend time when travelling. And with millions of people visiting Las Vegas each year, this could be the prime people watching city. The Las Vegas insiders' guide to people-watching by Jay Jones gives the low down on when and where to people watch.

USA Today

Nine destination bookstores worth putting on a tourist's itinerary by Beth J. Harpaz focuses on bookstores across America. I’ve only been to one of the bookstores listed - The Strand in NYC. One day, who knows, I’ll make it to the rest. Meanwhile, the article is a good example of how to compile an interesting and compelling travel list.

Budget Travel Magazine

Written by editor Erik Torkells, Paris and Amsterdam, Together, is a first person account of how to plan a trip for someone else and discovering that not everyone wants to see what you do.

So what are you reading this week???

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Xarj said...

You have a great taste for Travel articles!
I'm a big fan of travelling and i just finished a 4600km road trip around the alps mountains.
I'd love to have your impressions about it.

Please have a look at:


Hi Xarj,

your road trip sounds interesting. will find sometime this week to stop by and check it out.

thanks for letting us know about it.



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