Sunday, January 20, 2008

Travel Blog of the Week...High Culture on a Low Budget.

Written by freelance writer Olivia Giovetti, High Culture on a Low Budget aims to provide tips and information on little known places of culture - dance, museums, art, music - around Europe that are really worth checking out and will not break the budget. Each post features a beautiful photograph to tempt you and also show you what you’re missing by not being there.

For example…

“In our peripheries, we’ve all heard of Bruegel, da Vinci, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Caravaggio…I could go on with enough names to fill a textbook here. But who’s heard of Benkovic, Piazzetta, van Ruisdael or Gros? Here’s a hint: my spell-check knows how to properly spell (and doesn’t underline) the first batch of names. The second batch…not so lucky. Welcome to the list of artists that did not go down in supermodel history but nonetheless are considered masters (and well-deservedly). You’ve probably seen most of them in other museums (especially in Europe) en route to La Primavera or the Mona Lisa, but in Croatia they take center stage.” (Zagreb: Strossmayer’s Old Masters Gallery)


“Here’s the cool thing about the Scottish Ballet: if you’re traveling through the Highlands and are counting your pounds and pence (and let’s face it, no one should deny you that deep-fried Mars bar), you can play around with the Ballet’s schedule and catch the company in a town where tickets are cheaper than, say, Glasgow. While Aberdeen may not be the cheapest place to catch the ballet (that honour currently goes to Edinburgh), it’s where the dancers have currently parked their toe shoes.” (Aberdeen: The Scottish Ballet)

This three month old travel blog is definitely worth keeping an eye on, especially if you’re planning a trip to Europe.

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