Friday, February 01, 2008

Want to create an e-book?

Jennifer Mattern over at All Freelance Writing has been posting the
14 day E-book Writing Challenge which provides all the information, resources, and structure needed to create an e-book. The challenge is now finished but the information will remain. Another interested in creating an e-book should head over and check out the 14 Day E-book Writing Challenge.

Here's a summary of each day's tasks. Click on each day to find out how to go about to complete each task...

Day One:

Decide on a Free E-book or Income Source
Choose a Niche
Conduct Basic Market Research
Choose a Final Topic
Choose a Working Title
Choose and Setup a Domain Name / Hosting

Day Two:

Today you’re going to create your basic e-book outline. Think of it in relation to top-level items in a table of contents. We’ll include your primary e-book sections / chapters, and some of the basic pages your e-book should have.

Day Three:

Set an estimated length goal for your e-book.
Conduct further keyword research.
Create your expanded e-book outline

Day Four:

Choose your e-book format (for example, .pdf vs .exe e-books).
Choose basic formatting elements like fonts, font sizes, margins, etc.
Set up your basic e-book draft file in your favorite word processing program.
Set up your title page and other basic “common” pages in your e-book.

Day Five, Day Six, Day Seven:

Start writing the e-book.

Day Eight:

Finish writing your first draft of your e-book.
Write your e-book introduction

Day Nine:

Start editing your e-book draft

Day Ten:

Finish editing your e-book.
Convert your file to PDF.
Distribute copies for testimonials.
Choose a price (if you’re not writing a free e-book).

Day Eleven:

Write your sales letter / sales page.

Day Twelve:

Create your e-book cover.
Write articles / excerpts for article marketing.
Prepare for additional release marketing.

Day Thirteen:

Upload e-book / Setup distribution system
Setup affiliate program (optional)

Day Fourteen:

Announce your e-book launch...


Jennifer makes the daunting taks of creating an e-book look simple. Now I know where to look when I finally decide to move my e-book out of my head and onto the computer...

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