Friday, February 15, 2008

What is a Travel Blog?

If you do a google search for ‘travel blog’ you’ll find that there are over 40 million of them floating around the internet. Travel is a popular topic that everyone wants to write about.

But when you ask people ‘what is a travel blog?’ you’ll get just about as many different definitions. Travel blogs, it seems, cross over so many different categories - business, food, history, architecture, art, environment, destination, activity, and so on.

Caitlin over at Roaming Tales is doing a great job of trying to categorize the different types of travel blogs. Here’s what she’s come up with so far…

Travel Writers Blogs - blogs about writing and travel

Travel Expats Blogs - featuring someones experiences living in a foreign country

Thematic Travel Blogs - focusing on a specific topic within the broader theme of travel

The Big Trip Travel Blogs - that spring into existence for the purpose of a single big trip or because someone is doing a lot of travelling

Big Media Travel Blogs - mainly staff blogs at established newspapers and magazines.

Brand Extension Travel Blogs - that extend the brand of an existing travel site or print publication.

Can you think of any more categories ?

Where does your blog fit in ?


This post is the first in a series about travel blog to be run over the next few weeks.

Future posts include…

- Five Essential Ingredients Of A Good Travel Blog
- How to Create a Travel Blog
- Why Travel Writers Should Blog

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Kara said...

I guess would be a group travel blog -- we're four travel writers dishing about all kinds of travel, from family vacations to girlfriend getaways, plus travel gear and industry news.

Kara (MountainMama)

Shannon said...

Hey Liz - Keep up the great posts. Kara already beat me to the punch, but I'm CajunMama over at You've inspired me with your fantastic blog that has blossomed in a wonderful way. I think travel writers should have blogs, if only to keep us writing daily.


Hey Kara and Shannon, thanks much for kind words...

Just been over checking out the Traveling Mamas blog. I love it...what a great idea...

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