Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Travel Blog of the Week...Lives of Wander.

When you can’t get up and go, then the next best thing is to live through another person’s travels. That’s what I’m doing at the moment.


By following Theresa and Jeff as they plan their year on the road.

Start reading Lives of Wander from the beginning and you’ll get to know them too. They haven’t quite hit the road yet. They head out in the summer. Right now the blog is all about the planning, ranging from what backpack to take to asking the readers where they should go and how they should travel when they get there (you even get to vote).

So while I’m home bound I’ll be (cyber) traveling with Theresa and Jeff. Can’t wait to see where we go…

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Soultravelers3 said...

As a global nomad family, 19 months into our open ended, multi-year trip around the world, it is always fun to find another RTW blog & read how they plan and travel. Thanks!

Feel free to travel along with us too.We are probably the only ones lugging a digital piano & violin as we roam! LOL.


Congrats on the bloggers choice nomination!!

Jeff said...

Thanks for the honor, we'll try to make our site worthy of it! Theresa has been reading your works for a while now (and found it both highly entertaining and useful), but this is my first experience with it. It's great stuff!
I do regrettably have to clarify one bit, however, and that is due to the wonderful red tape surrounding actually emerging from my program with a PhD, we won't be leaving until around October. Though this should not discourage anyone from our site, since we'll have plenty of coverage of our continued planning, minor travels in between, and many more opportunities for you voting input. I hope that this minor delay doesn't disrupt your cybertraveling too much!


Hey Soultravlers3, will definitely travel along...have a great trip.

sorry to hear your trips been postponed until October...never mind, planning is a great part of the whole travel experience...and i love the voting.



Theresa said...

Like Jeff wrote, I love your site! I've actually been reading for a bit over a year now...since about the time I started my own journey into freelance writing. You provide a wonderful resource for all of us novice writers. Thanks so much! It was an honor to see our blog linked from your site!


Hi Theresa, glad your finding the blog useful. Putting it together is definitely helping me find my way in the world of freelance writing. If it helps others, then that's an added bonus. After all, we are all in this together.

Look forward to reading about your travels.


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