Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last Call for the Micro Travel Writing Workshop...

Don't forget about the Micro Travel Writing Workshop over at Nerd's Eye View.

Here's your chance to have your writing critiqued by a travel writer.

Deadline is April 14th so you better get writing. You can check out the participation guidelines here.

I'm more than happy to have my writing critiqued, so here's my entry...

The Jailhouse Accommodation in Christchurch, New Zealand.

A prime example of ‘Gothic Revival’ architecture, this 1876 building has a colourful history. Designed by Christchurch architect Benjamin W Mountfort, it was the original Addington Prison - a lock-up for local crime-lords and petty criminals. But not any longer. Addington Prison has been transformed into The Jailhouse Accommodation and the only people who enter it’s doors these days are tourists looking for somewhere cheap to lay their head.

The new owners have tried to maintain the authentic prison atmosphere. Four cells, including the solitary confinement cell, are still in their original condition, with prisoner’s art work decorating the walls. The rest of the rooms have been renovated and are more inviting. Offering comfortable beds (straight from the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games) and a secure and safe environment, the Jailhouse Accommodation is becoming a favorite among travellers, especially those on limited budgets.

It might not be your first thought when looking at accommodation in Christchurch, but a night in this jail is not such a bad idea.

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Di Mackey said...

Nice article.
And a fellow kiwi to boot?


Thanks Di.

There are Kiwi's everywhere - around the world and throughout the's always great to meet another one..

Welcome to my world at Write to Travel.

Cheers from NZ,

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