Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Travel Blog of the Week...Travel Betty.

How can you resist a travel blog with a tag line ‘Encouraging Fearless Independent Travel For Women'?

Travel Betty is written by Tracy Deluca, a freelance copywriter from San Francisco, who is, in her own words, ‘a woman in love and lust with travel’ And it shows.

I really like the 30 second vacation series where Travel Betty posts a 30 second video featuring off the wall topics like ‘making fortune cookies in Chinatown’ and ‘Santa Cruz Still Weird’.

And then there’s the Spa Betty Series….

Energizing and entertaining, the Travel Betty blog makes reading about travel fun


Note from Liz:

This is the last 'Travel Blog of the Week' for a while. There simply isn't enough time anymore to read and review all the wonderful travel blogs out in the blogosphere.

However, if anyone wants to write a 'travel blog of the week' review, I'm more than happy to let you post it here. Only catch - the blog you review cannot be your own.

Send reviews to kiwiwriter at xtra (dot) co (dot) nz with subject title 'travel blog review'.

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Travel Betty said...

Wow, thanks for featuring me on your site! What an honor. I look forward to exploring your blog. Good luck trying your hand at writing for a living. When you discover the secret, please let me know!!


No problem. Love the Travel Betty site...and ifI ever figure out the travel writing secret, I'll be letting everyone know...

resort said...

you made me a regular visitor of you blog.

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