Monday, April 07, 2008

Travel Blog of the Week...wandering woman writes from spain.

Some might not classify wandering woman writes from spain as a travel blog but as far as I'm concerned it is. The posts focus on Spanish culture, people, history, and everyday living. Written in a conversational manner, the 'wandering woman' makes you feel that you are part of life in Spain.

From A good day in Spain

"It's been a good day in Spain.

It all started bright and early at El Árbol, when an old woman asked if I'd help her reach the things she needed from the top shelves. I tend to be on the other side of that question, you understand. But, today, damn if I didn't reach every product. I was wearing my magic Camino de Santiago boots; I think they stretched me.


Later, as I politely looked for someone to whom I could quietly ask which of the 6 closed cash register lanes we should line up at, the same firey old woman gave me a lesson in living in Spain. She bellowed "¿QUIÉN VIENE A LA CAJA?" ("WHO'S COMING TO THE REGISTER?") without moving an inch. A cashier arrived in seconds."

Learn about Carlos Saura and fados

"!Carlos Saura has made a movie about fados! And every article I devour about it includes what may just be my favorite word in all the world, saudade, a word I fell in love with during a far-too-brief first visit here.

Wait! What do you mean, Carlos who? Get with me here, guiris! ¡Españoles, porfa, decidles quién es! Carlos Saura, as in Tango and Flamenco."

Find out what it's really like to walk the Camino de Santiago

"I was tired and bored. I was 10 or 20 kilometers outside León, more than eager to leave the asphalt I'd been walking all day far behind me. I didn't know I'd sprain my ankle for the second time later that afternoon and spend the next 3 days holed up in an albergue. I only knew I was alone, walking on asphalt, destined to stick with this highway for at least another 10 kilometers. I hadn't seen another soul all morning."

Beautiful photographs, entertaining stories, and a chance to glimpse real life in Spain make the wandering woman writes from spain blog a must read.

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Merrill said...

Hi kiwi writer
Did you see that you were the only blog to appear twice on ?
Thanks for the great articles.


Hey Merrill,

Isn't Alltop great. All your favorite sites lumped together under categories such as travel, health, food, wine...I could spend all day's like going to a shopping mall.

Somehow think a double exposure of Write to Travel over at Alltop was an accidently click - but hey, I'm all for extra exposure.

Glad you're enjoying the articles here.


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