Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weekly Top 5 blog Posts for Writers...

1. Ten Killer Interviewing Tips

2. A Guidebook is not a Guru

3. 10 Things I Learned While on Assignment in India

4. Thank God Something’s Gone Wrong

5. A Step By Step Guide To Writing About Stuff You Know Very Little About


Plus five:

Heather Johnson on 'how to become a well-fed professional blogger'

How To Take Better Notes For Your Travel Blog

25,000 Words And A Week In A Freelance Writer’s Life

To the end of the line

Rolf Potts: Adventures on a shoestring

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Heatheronhertravels said...

Hi Liz

You might like some inspiration from one of the great travel writers of the past - H V Morton. I wrote about his book on Rome here.


Thanks for the tip Heather. Will stop by and have a read. Haven't heard of H V Morton before.

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