Tuesday, April 01, 2008

'Write to Travel' Nominated for Travvies Award…

Been reading any good travel blogs lately ?

Want them to have to recognition and attention they deserve ?

Then head on over to Upgrade: Travel Better and start putting in your nominations for the 2008 Travvies.

You can nominate up to three blogs in each of the eight categories on offer…

- Best Travel Blog
- Best Single-Author Travel Blog
- Best Group-Written Travel Blog
- Best Destination or Trip Narrative Blog
- Best Informative/Practical Travel Blog
- Best Photography on a Travel Blog
- Best Big Media Blog
- Best Podcast or Video Blog

I’ve just been over there to enter some of my nominations and was very pleasantly surprised to find that Write To Travel had been nominated for a Travvies in the Best Informative/Practical Travel blog category (thanks to Heather on Her Travels). I feel very honoured.

Nominations close 6 April, so get on over there and start nominating now. Can’t decide who to nominate - check out my ‘travel blog of the week’ series for some ideas. And of course, Write to Travel wouldn’t say no to some more nominations!!!

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