Monday, May 05, 2008

Travel Writing Miscellanea...

Sandwagon has an Interview with Robin Barton - author of 101 Weekends in Europe

Latest Perceptive Travel Zine Offers Good Reading.

Sex, sunshine and sangria? You must be joking! or more on the Thomas Kohnstamm saga.

World Hum writes about Travel Writing and Tall Tales: An Historical Perspective

Pam at Nerd's Eye View is giving away three copies of Mark McCrum’s Going Dutch in Beijing: How to Behave Properly When Far Away from Home. All you have to do is post about your favorite story about a cultural misunderstanding and leave a link in the comments.

The Matador Network, the interactive travel magazine, is launching 8 new websites. Here's a complete list of their sites:

Matador Travel
Matador Trips
Matador Study
Matador Nights
The Traveler's Notebook
Brave New World
Matador Goods
Matador Pulse
Matador Volunteer.

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drkyzar said...
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drkyzar said...

I think the Sandwagon link is more 101 Weekends in Europe Interview with Robin Barton :)


Link now fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.



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