Monday, May 19, 2008

Travel Writing miscellanea...

Blisfull Travel has an interview with travel writer Joshua Samuel Brown.

TravelHacker has put together a list of the 100 Best Travel Journal Blogs. Take look - you’ll see some old favourites and discover some new ones worth checking out.

GeekyTraveller reviews the StarTech Wi-Fi Detective. Internet cafes are great but sometimes you just want to use your own laptop. This Wi-Fi Detective sounds like it can help.

Maybe you should start looking at your own hometown as a destination piece for your local or national newspapers - according to an article in Newsweek, high gas prices will result in more people will be staying at or near home this summer.

Traveler’s Notebook offers 5 Essential Tips for the Budding Travel Photographer.

And finally...

Over at Pecerptive Travel Blog, I asked Are postcards past their use-by date? which resulted in Nerd’s Eye View planning a Postcard Revival. All postcard fans welcome.

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