Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekly Top 6 Blog Posts for Writers...

1. The Five Most Common Mistakes of Male Freelancers.

2. The Five Most Common Mistakes of Female Freelancers.

3. Life As A Web-Worker - Are You Disciplined?

4. What I Wish Every Student Knew

5. Seven Powerful Tips for Maximizing Your Freelance Writing Business

6. 7 Habits Essential for Tackling the Multitasking Virus

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1 comment:

greenygrey said...

Thanks for posting.

I know it's the trend, but does nearly every travel article written these days have to have a number in the headline!

Most are ambiguous anyway, with some of the numbers obviously subjective.

Whoever's controlling the travel article headline language: can we just have nice creative headlines sometimes, instead of just loads of numbers?!

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