Tuesday, July 01, 2008

13 'Top Ten Lists' About Freelance Writing...

Over at Freelance Writing Jobs, there's a contest. Using the American Idol concept, they have thirteen contestants vying for a position as blogger for Freelance Writing Job.

Each week, the contestants are given a writing assignment to be posted at FWJ. Once posted, the readers vote and each week, one contestant will leave until there is a winner.

Last week's assignment was to create a 'top ten list' about freelance writing and it's turned into a goldmine of information for freelance writers. Check out these great posts...

- Ten Sensible Defenses of Telecommuting

- Top Ten Ways to Stay Out of the Slush Pile

- Top Ten Money Saving Ideas for Freelance Writers

- How to Lose a Gig in Ten Ways

- Ten Things I Wish They Taught Me in Freelancing School

- Top Ten Mind Tricks to Boost Your Career

- Ten Great Resources for Freelance Writers

- Ten Ways to Write Without Pay and Still Respect Yourself in the Morning

- Ten Unique Ways to Market Your Book

- Top Ten Phrases No Freelance Writer Wants to Hear

- Ten Ways to Get Organized so You Can Get Writing

- Ten Ways to Get a Freelance Blogging Gig

- Ten Things to Do While Waiting to Find that Perfect Freelance Writing Gig

Can't wait to see the results of the next assignment which is 'all about finding work - best practices.'

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks- this is a great list!

Nomadic Matt said...

Thanks! Great lists...some humurous.

always a great resource you are! :)


glad you liked them...am looking forward to the rest of the competition and all the posts they provide us with useful information.

Lola said...

Thanks for this Liz! I will stumble it


Hi Lola, stumble on...

Siam said...

Thanks,this is a good job! Cheers!

Jay said...

Good information to know.

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