Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tips for Travel Writers...

Want some help in becoming a travel writer?

Then this blog's for you.... 1001 Travel Writer Tips

Created by David Whitley, a successful freelance travel writer with articles published in magazines and newspapers around the world, 1001 Travel Writer Tips looks to be a great resource to anyone considering a career in freelance, and in particular, travel writing. Actually, it looks like it's going to be a great resource for freelance writers at all levels of expertise.

It's a new blog, so there are only a few posts so far:

#1 Writer who travels vs traveller who writes

#2 Know Your Competition

#3 Know your place in the greater scheme of things.

#4 Don’t get too precious

#5 Find the editor’s real e-mail address

#6 Spell the editor’s name correctly

#7 Exchanging contacts with other travel writers

#8 Writing about where you live

Only 993 to go...

You can be sure I'll be stopping by every day to get my travel writing tip of the day. Sure hope you'll join me...

In fact, I'll make it easy for you by posting a link each day to the latest tip over on sidebar under 'Daily Travel Writing Tip'.

David, by the way, was the very first travel writer that Write to Travel interviewed.

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tony said...

Wow cool I cant wait to follow it :)
I came across a new site that I thought you should check out. Its called
My words cant do the site justice, so trust me check out the site and tell me you think, Im curious to know :) Thanks,

David Whitley said...

Thanks Liz. Much appreciated - I hope it comes in useful. The main reason I started it up was so that I didn't have to write the same lengthy missive every time someone asked for tips :)

Lola said...

I subscribed to David's blog and I'm loving every post so far. Extremely insightful and educational.

Great job!


lola, couldn't agree more..

David, thanks for putting together such as useful resource for travel writers...will be reading the tips everyday....

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