Sunday, November 09, 2008

Travel Writing Miscellanea....

Everything Everywhere and Killing Batteries have an interesting discussion on the need for travel guides on the road.

Jennifer Marlow comes up with 6 Predictions for the Future of Travel.

Happy Hotelier has a three new 10 Questions posted, this time with : Shannon Hurst Lane from Traveling Mamas, Pam Mandel of Nerd’s Eye View, and Kevin May of Travolution.

Find out more about freelance travel writer David Farley with this half interview/half book review article called Chasing History.

Travel writer Brian Thacker is Stepping back in time, along the hippie trail, '...retracing the 1974 journey through South-East Asia of Lonely Planet founders Maureen and Tony Wheeler using their original guidebook — based on information they collected during their adventure a third of a century ago — as his only reference.'

Here's an excerpt of Dervla Murphy's latest book The Island That Dared: Journeys in Cuba.

William Least Heat-Moon got a new book out. Called Roads to Quoz. Here's the The Los Angeles Times review.

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