Monday, December 15, 2008

Travel Writing Miscellanea..

A Backpacker in India interviews travel writer and photographer Arun Bhat.

Frank Bures has an inteview with Rolf Potts published in the Nov/Dec issue of Poets & Writers.

Sandwagon asks Does travel writing style rule over travel writing substance?

Travel writer David Farley offers some tips on how to Travel (and get paid to do it)

Beth Whitman has a conversation with travel writer Dave Fox for

New York Times has a slideshow looking at Why We Travel

Times Online lists The Best Travel Books of 2008

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Poornima said...

I follow your blog regularly and it's really a pleasure to read Arun's interview.
Coming from the same city, having the same background and trying to pursue the same profession, I had once talked to Arun for advice.Good Show Arun:) and thanks kiwi writer.

holidays in yorkshire dales said...

Great post.I have visited your links.All sites are having good contents.Thanks!

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