Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Chance to Enter Travel Writing Contest...

I've entered the Wanderlust & Lipstick travel writing contest.

Have you?

There's only one day left(closes 31st January) for entries in one of the eight categories...

Family Fun
Food & Drink
Local Culture
Solo Travel
Wit & Wander
Women’s Travel

Submission guidelines here.

There's a great first prize - win a 15-day trip to the Sacred Land of the Incaswith Intrepid Journeys - as well as numerous smaller prizes all worth winner.

Plus there's a chance that your entry might be included in a book anthology of travel writing. Those chosen will be paid $50 and have a byline in a travel book.

So why not give it a go...

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Caren said...

good luck with your writing! just stumbled on this blog. i tried for years to get published and finally did. it will happen to you!

Anonymous said...

oho no just missed!! disappointing. wish I should seen this a day before

Anonymous said...

Can't offer a vacation - but my little lit journal is providing cash prizes to the top submissions written by travelers and expatriates. Check out and submit by March 15 for a chance to qualify!

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