Monday, January 12, 2009

Travel Blogger Awards.

Travel bloggers are mostly ignored when it comes to award season. But not this year. This year, there are two travel blogger awards on offer.

For the very first time, the Weblog Awards have a 'best travel blog' category.

After a short nominating period, the finalists have been listed. They are...

Folie a Deux
The Asian Traveler
Curious Expeditions
Notes from the Road
The Lost Girls
LL World Tour
Jaunted - The Pop Culture Travel Guide
Intelligent Traveler
The Cranky Flier

There's a few of my favorites there, as well as some I can see I'll be spending some time at getting to know in the future.

It's great to see fellow travel bloggers getting acknowledged and recognized, so get out and vote. I have but I'm not going to tell you who for.

But wait, there's more...

Caitlin from Roaming Tales gave me a heads up on the first every Lonely Planet Travel Blogger Awards.. She even voted for Write to Travel in the themed blog category (thanks Caitlin)

The Lonely Planet Travel Blogger Awards have 11 categories and the nominations are now open, so head on over and start nominating.

  • Best Destination Blog

  • Best Expat Blog

  • Best Travelogue

  • Best Consumer Travel Blog

  • Best non-English language Blog

  • Best Video Blog (including YouTube Channels)

  • Best Micro-Blogging (twitter etc)

  • Best Image Blog

  • Best Themed Blog (trekking etc)

  • Best Group Authored Blog

  • Best Podcast

The nominations will remain open until sometime in Febuary, then voting will take place.

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Marilyn Terrell said...

Thanks Lola for reminding people to vote in the Weblog Awards. No registration required, one click does the trick. You can vote once every 24 hours, and voting closes Tuesday (tomorrow) at 5 pm EST.


No prob. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

at this pace.. wish you will make it next time..but for sure you can try some other events your free time try joining me at: Goa

Passport Foodie said...

Very good post. I'm glad travel bloggers are getting some recognition. Brilliant!

Passport Foodie

and.thebirds.theysing said...

great job!! we need more travel bloggers!! i would love u to check out my travel blog and let me know what you think! suggestions welcome as i this is something i have just started up (but had been trying to 'get done' for ages) thx!

who are we? said...

Im glad your getting recognition.
& I was wondering if you can take a peeker at our blog
it would mean a ton to use! and maybe follow.. thatd be awsome to.
but again.. travler blogs are awsome i read them the most. so good job :)

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