Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly Top 6 Blog Posts for Writers...

1. Should you have to audition to get a writing gig?

2. Freelancing on the move: 3 essential tools for roaming freelancers

3. Two Freelancing Myths and The Need For Self-Discipline

4. The Six People You Meet In Freelance Internet Writing Hell

5. 5 Steps for Planning the Direction of Your Blog in 2009

6. 3 Easy Ways to Write with Style

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Caitlin said...

Hi, I love your weekly round-up of links for writers. They're always really interesting. However, it would help me greatly if you coded the links to open in a new window/tab so I didn't have to keep hitting the back button and didn't lose my place. Thanks!


Would do so but have no idea how to in

Teresa Morrow said...


I found your site by your tweet this morning. I like your weekly round up of blog posts to check out. I do something similar on Mondays and will be adding you to the list for next week so thank you for your list. I am going to go and read a few of these posts now. And I hope that we will be able to further connect online.

In gratitude,

Teresa Morrow

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