Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who's Going to Win a Lonely Planet Travel Blogger Award?

Sure hope you were able to vote in the inaugural Lonely Planet Travel Blogger Awards.

There were plenty of deserving travel bloggers worth voting for in each category. I managed to get my votes in at the very last minute but it didn't seem to help my chosen travel blogs.

So far only the public vote has been tallied. From that we can see the leading leading travel blog in each category...

Go Visit Hawaii (Best Destination Blog)
Bearshapedsphere (Best Expat Blog)
Intelligent Travel Blog (Best Consumer Blog)
Windy Skies (Best Travelogue)
La Volta dels 25 ( Best Non-English Language Blog)
Churu y Marian en El Bolson (Best Spanish Language Blog)
World Signs (Best French Language Blog)
il reporter (Best Italian Language Blog)
soultravlers3 Twitter (Best Micro Blogging)
soultravelers3 You Tube (Best Video Blog)
soultravelers3 blog (Best Themed Blog)
Tacogirl's Travel Blog (Best Image Blog)
Spotted By Locals (Best Group Authored Blog)
Amateur Traveler (Best Podcast Blog)

Remember, though, that the public vote only accounts for 50% of the overall score. The remaining 50% scoring of each blog is up to the Lonely Planet judges.

The final results of the Lonely Planet Travel Blogger Awards will not be know until the 26th March, when they are announced at a party in San Francisco. It will be interesting to see if the public and the judges think the same.

Not being all that familiar for many of the leading travel blogs, I spent the rest of the morning visiting them (and all the other final nominees) to see what I had been missing. I hope you have time to do the same.

(originally posted at Perceptive Travel blog)

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Toni said...

Great blog! Love it.

Check my site, visit Portugal!

Eileen said...

I promise not to be offended that I don't seem to make the cut for your favorites! Nice work here at the blog. I'm sure I'll be back. Meantime, thanks for the referrals! :) Oh, and of course best of luck to all the nominess, and I hope 6 PM SF time on Thursday comes quickly!

trading computers said...

good stuff!

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