Monday, April 27, 2009

Minneapolis/St Paul Based Travel Writing Intern Needed...

Travel writer Leif Pettersen is looking for a travel writing intern for a six month commitment.

Leif, who was one of the first writers I interviewed for the 'Interview with a Travel Writer' series, is an entertaining (check out Killing Batteries to find out how entertaining) and productive (Lonely Planet guidebook writer)guy who is in need of someone to help with mainly

"...clerical and organizational (read tedious)duties, though there’s plenty of juicy, guidebook author tasks, including proofing, mapping, and researching as well as helping to plan and execute my upcoming trip."

It's unpaid, but Leif is happy to

"...share/train/advise on travel writing and freelance writing in general and will of course be able to provide letters of recommendation, leads, and even future paying work should it arise."

Click here to find out more about the position and how to make contact.

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