Wednesday, March 03, 2010

BootsnAll Launches New Travel Writer Platform...

Keen to create partnerships with passionate travel writers to create expert-driven content on their favorite destinations and topics, BootsnAll is in the process of launching their new Travel Writer platform

Currently, they are looking for writers for the following:

* Destinations: Amsterdam, Australia, France, Hawaii, Indonesia, Ireland, Las Vegas, London, Mexico, South Africa, or you tell us!

* Themes: Adventure Travel, Business Travel, Round the World Travel, TEFL, Travel Gear or you tell us!

Here's how It Works:

* You get to focus on your passion — travel writing; BootsnAll covers the technical aspects.
* Weekly tasks: feature article writing, blog posts and social media interaction
* Time commitment: up to 10 hours/week
* Compensation: base pay of $100-500/month with profit sharing of 30-40%. The base pay is based on how much content is produced. Some destinations will require more content than others….that’s why the variance in base compensation.
* The “fine print”: Just like a guide book, your content will have a copyright and non-compete, but unlike traditional guide books, BootsnAll shares the profit (up to 40%) with each writer!
* If you love independent travel, fancy yourself to be an expert, and want to get paid to write about a destination you love, fill out the BootsnAll Travel Writer Platform application by Monday, March 15, 2010.

For more information and to apply, head over to

Sounds interesting...

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virginia bed and breakfast said...

Boots n all is introducing the new travel writing platform of different countries of the world. It is a nice competition about travel writing and much excellent information will be available to the readers fond of traveling.

affordable writing said...

very interesting and knowledgeable information, thanks for sharing it.....:)

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